In this post we going to discuss general speaking what is AWS, GCP and Microsoft Azure, why is important to the industry and how we can use it.

To discuss about Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure we need to talk about what they offer, and what they share in common, they all are Cloud Services.

They have in common several services on a highly available and reliable platform, some of this services are cloud computing, file storage, content delivery nerworks (CDN), Virtual networking, etc

So to understand how the cloud services change the industry we going to use a simple use case, deploy a web server.

from this we going to focus on AWS for simplicity, but you can have in mind they the major cloud providers share the same basic services (with different names).

Before the Cloud services, if you need to deploy a web server you have two options, build the server or rent the hardware to a hosting provider, lets say you want to rent, in this type of service you will have some restrains, for example if you need to select the resources and pay for it before you get an administration access and if you need more resources like memory, you need to make a ticket and wait until the host provider take care of that, sometimes up to 24 hours later you will have a respond, if you need to move to another server you need to move all your files and configuration between the servers, if you need more space.. well it was slow, or by other hand you can get a bigger server and deal with unused CPU and memory and pay more to be cover in case you need more in a future, this is not ideal to a fast changing industry.

With a Cloud provider you first have the access then you rent the resources on-demand, by minute, sometimes by second.

The Cloud providers are designed on certain way that make you easy to deploy Computing, Storage and other services in a few clicks, you can have up and running, common software in a less than a minute.

You can deploy highly available and scalable applications, using fully managed solutions like AWS s3 a fully managed object storage.

We going to talk in the future of some of AWS solutions, some of the best solutions of the Cloud providers are Fully Managed, but lets try to understand what it means.

User Managed

  • You need to configure and deploy the platform
  • You need to take care of the security patches and software updates.
  • You need to monitor and manage the health checks

Fully Managed

  • AWS deploy the solution with a few clicks
  • AWS take care of the security and updates
  • AWS take care of monitor, health checks

Is difficult to picture on text so in the next posts we going to make laboratories to walk-through some of the services AWS offers.