A Launch template help us to make a template for EC2 instances, and save instance configurations that we need to use over and over again, it also helps to used with an auto-scalling group.

You can save different types of parameters on a Launch Template like

  • AMI
  • Instance type
  • Key pair
  • Security groups
  • and more


  • AWS account


  1. On the AWS Management Console go to EC2

2. Select Launch Template

3. Click on Create launch template

4. In the fist part give it a name and a description

5. Select the AMI image and the instance type

6. Select the Instance type

7. Select the Security Group

8. Select Storage and when you ready click on Create launch template

9. Now you have created the launch template, click on View launch templates

On the launch templates click on the Launch template ID

10. From here you can modify, view the configuration and view the template versions

11. Ok, the template is created, now lets launch an instance, go back to launch templates and select the template click on Actions and click on Launch instance from template.

12. You will see the review of the configuration, select the number of instance

13. And click on Launch instance from template

14. The instance is launch, go to EC2, instances to the the instance launched.

Great you know now how to create Launch templates, in the next post we going to go deeper in the AWS services.


  1. Go to EC2, instances, select the running instance and click on Instance state and select Terminate instance

2. Go to Launch templates and select the template, then select Actions and select Delete template